Our Vision + Purpose

UDisciple is a class that helps you learn a simple approach to sharing Jesus with others and establish them in the faith. Who are the people that God has placed in your life? Who is God nudging you to talk to about Jesus? How do you talk to that person? Then what do you do?

Jesus said, "Go...and make disciples..." (Matthew 28:18-20)

Making disciples is the responsibility of every believer. Share Jesus with someone God has placed in your path. Establish that person in the basics of the faith. Send that person out to serve and make disciples. 

Opportunities To Connect

UDisciple Classes

Get trained on using the God Test, One2One, or The Purple Book. UDisciple answers your questions about sharing your faith and equips you to use these three simple tools to disciple others.

The next class will be for four weeks, beginning on Sunday, April 3 at 9:00 am in AC4. Limit is 24 people per class.