Mid-Cities Singles

Our Vision & Purpose

There are all kinds of single adults doing all kinds of things in America. Some are sports minded, others career minded. Some love to be in the middle of a crowd, others love solitude and a few close friends. Some are looking for the next adrenalin rush while others are looking for peace and quiet. No matter what turns you on as a single, at the core of each person is a longing that we are trying to satisfy. We, like every other human being, want our lives to count. We want to know that we have significance and that what we are doing really matters. We want to love and be loved for who we are, and we want our lives to be moving north instead of due south. The trouble is that most singles find lasting love, a feeling of significance, and a positive track for their lives to be elusive.

If you are in search of something or in search of more, we think that we might just have some answers for you at Mid-Cities Church. Here you can find friends who want the best for you, you can find life long significance in who you are and what you are doing, and you can get your life on a positive track that will take you to places you never knew existed.


Opportunities to Connect

Discipleship Groups

We believe life change happens best through intentional, authentic, spirit-led relationships. Discipleship groups are the primary place for these relationships to form and grow. Mid-Cities offers a variety of group types including life-stage, men, women, and Español groups to help you get connected as you continue your spiritual journey. Group Central is a powerful search tool that will help you find a group right for you.

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Mid-Cities Singles Events

Events are great experiences for people to connect with each other. From camping trips to baseball games, we have events all year-round. View our church calendar to find a list of upcoming events.